Research Article

Water Content Influence on Properties of Red-Layers in Guangzhou Metro Line, China

Table 4

X-ray diffraction results of the remaining samples.

NumberSampling siteSampling
depth (m)
Lithology Clay mineral relative content (%)Mixed layer ratio (% S)

KD01Tiyu West Road Station16Moderate weathered red clay54/46/////
KD02Zhujiang New Town Station17.217.8Red clay64/36/////
KD03Wushan Road Station12Moderate-strong weathered red clay2464246/15/
KD04Zhujiang New Town Station18.119.0Sandstone/474436/15/
KD05Kecun Station27.6Red sandstone3752011/40/25/
KD06Tianhe Station16Shield excavated soil//56386///