Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Experimental Study on Friction Sliding Performance of Rubber Bearings in Bridges

Table 1

Scheme of the bearing test.

Type of testsBearing modelsThickness of rubber layers (mm)Thickness of steel plates (mm)Pressure (MPa)

Ultimate shear failure testS-1Laminated rubber bearingsGYZ48324
S-2GYZ 60476
S-3GYZ 60478

Frictional sliding testM-1Laminated rubber bearingsGJZ48304

Low-frequency cyclic loading testQ-1Lead Rubber BearingY4QG1.060706

Note: In the ultimate shear failure tests, the GYZ represents that the diameter of the circular rubber bearing is 400 mm and the total thickness of the bearing is 80 mm. In the frictional sliding tests, the GJZ represents that the dimensions of the rectangular bearings are 500 mm and 550 mm, and the total thickness of the bearing is 78 mm. In the low-frequency cyclic loading test, the Y4QG1.0 represents that there are 4 hole cores in the bearing, the diameter of the LRB is 600 mm and total thickness is 130 mm. The rest are similar with the above-mentioned.