Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Evaluation of Carbonisation Gas from Coal and Woody Biomass and Reduction Rate of Carbon Composite Pellets

Table 5

Comparison of activation energies for various carbonaceous materials.

Carbonaceous materialActivation energy Ea (kJ/mol)

Graphite217 [16]
Bintyo char182 [16]
Bamboo char181 [16]
Coke200 [16]
Glassy carbon211 [16]
Activated carbon149 [16]
Semicharcoal at Tc,max = 823 K138
Semicharcoal at Tc,max = 1073 K139
Semicharcoal at Tc,max = 1273 K162
Semichar at Tc,max = 1073 K174

Present work (by gasification experiments), where the semicharcoal was obtained from Japanese cypress and semichar from Newcastle blend coal (Table 1), and the analyses of the coke are shown in Table 6.