Table 2: Surgical techniques used including approach, the type of femoral osteotomy performed at the host bone-allograft junction, and whether the host proximal femur was resected or split and used as an onlay graft. NR: not reported. Study numbers correlate with Table 1.

Study 𝑛 Surgical approachFemoral osteotomyHost proximal femur

130Trochanteric slideStep cut (7) transverse (23)NR
221Complete resectionStep cutResected
355NRTransverse (28), step cut (12)Resected
414Complete resectionNRResected
515Posterolateral (9), trochanteric Slide (2)ObliqueResected
650Trochanteric slideStep cutSplit and onlay
744TranstrochantericTransverseSplit and onlay
872Hardinge (44), posterior (11), transtrochanteric (17)Step cut (62), telescoping (10)Split and onlay
915TranstrochantericTransverse (9), step cut (6)NR
1073Complete resectionNRResected
1132Trochanteric slide (12), resection (20)TransverseResected
1222Complete resectionTransverseResected
1425Trochanteric slideStep cutSplit and onlay
1537Posterolateral (28), transtrochanteric (10)TransverseResected
1615TranstrochantericTransverseSplit and onlay