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ElectroComponent Science and Technology
Volume 8 (1981), Issue 1-2, Pages 83-89

Low-Value Nickel Resistors Electroless-Plated on “IMST” Substrate for Power Hybrid ICs

Tokyo IC Co., Ltd., (a Division of Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.), 414-1 Omamacho, Yamadagun, Gummaken, Japan

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This paper describes a new resistor formation technique, characterized by the use of our unique hybrid IC substrate (IMST substrate) and the electroless nickel plating on it.

The evaluation of various electroless nickel plating baths to deposit nickel alloy with a different composition for each is included. The resistor properties of the nickel film from a selected bath are showed. The plating conditions affecting the resistance are discussed. Finally, the application to the built-in emitter resistors of the IMST audio power hybrid IC is presented.