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ElectroComponent Science and Technology
Volume 8 (1981), Issue 1-2, Pages 103-109

Development of Substrate Carrier System

Tokyo IC Co., Ltd., (a Division of Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.), 414-1 Omamacho, Yamadagun, Gummaken, Japan

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The Substrate Carrier System (S. C. System) is a new manufacturing technique for small size hybrid IC with IMST (Insulated Metal Substrate Technology)substrate which is used for power hybrid IC (STK series). The point of this system is to treat both substrate process and assembly process in the manufacturing process of hybrid IC, with several IC substrates at the same time. In the printing process, multi-IC pattern are made on a large IMST substrate at the same time and the substrate after completion of printing process are slit-punched to have the frame configuration where individual IC substrates are conected by tie-bar. Moreover in the assembly process which involves die-bonding and wire-bonding, the substrate is carried by the pitch of IC substrate, utilizing the frame construction, which can provide the automatic processes.

This Substrate Carrier System is applied to many kinds of hybrid IC for low-frequency applications as a system of high reliability and productivity.