Figure 11: Rider wear and metal transfer percentage for the various tested conditions. The label references for the N+ implanted labels are provided at the bottom. Note that the rider wear for the N-implanted samples (b) were scaled by a factor of 10. A = 2e17 ions/cm2 at 100 kV, B = 1e17 ions/cm2 at 100 kV, C = 5e16 ions/cm2 at 100 kV, D = 2e17 ions/cm2 at 50 kV, E = 2e17 ions/cm2 at 100 kV at 100% red, F = 2e17 ions/cm2 at 50 kV; 100% red, G = 2e17 ions/cm2; 100 kV; heat treat, and H = 2e17 ions/cm2 at 100 kV; 100% red; heat treat.