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A Correlative Defect Analyzer Combining Glide Test with Atomic Force Microscope

Figure 2

The dual mode spindle. (a) The G mode. The arrows indicate the flow direction of the air support. In the G mode, the spindle is supported both radially and axially like a conventional air bearing spindle. The spindle is under speed control circuitry to achieve high speed spinning with minimal jitter. (b) The A mode. In the A mode, the spindle is under the positioning control circuitry. It functions as a slow turning rotary table and can be clamped down for imaging when in position. To clamp down the spindle, the bottom axial air support is removed. As the result, the spindle body is pressed against the housing. The working pressure for the air spindle is 5 bars. Note the spindle shown in (b) is already in the clamped position.
(a) G mode
(b) A mode