Advances in Tribology / 2013 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

A Correlative Defect Analyzer Combining Glide Test with Atomic Force Microscope

Figure 5

Signal analysis panel illustrating the “Glide Edge Finder” algorithm with signal at 42 tracks. The first track with the glide signal is track no. 15 with a radius of 28.130 mm. (a) Glide signal panel showing the signal at each track arranged in descending order of the radius. (b) Schematic of the track arrangement. (c) Signal trace at track no. 1 with the radius equal to 28.165 mm. No signal due to defect is present. (d) Signal trace at track no. 29 with the radius equal to 28.110 mm. Peak signal from defect is present. The starting radius with defect signal defines the edge, 28.130 mm. The value 0.460 mm is the glide head edge offset. The angle is obtained from the averaging of the peak angular position of the data, shown as the red line in (a).
(a) Glide trace panel
(b) Arrangement schematic
(c) Trace #1
(d) Trace #29