Figure 2: PBMC VEGF Levels from HPS Patients. VEGF present in PBMC lysates was measured as in Figure 1. (a) Individual VEGF levels in PBMCs are presented. Samples from severe cases ( ), moderate ( ), mild ( ), and control ( ) were analyzed by 1 way ANOVA. VEGF levels in severe and moderate severe cases were not significantly different ( ) (see Table 1) and are presented as one group. PBMC VEGF levels were significantly different between severe/moderate and mild or control groups ( ). (b) PBMC VEGF levels from patients with severe (20) HPS are presented ( ) relative to their time of collection (samples collected 1–3 days or 4–17 days after admission). A two-tailed -test shows significantly ( ) higher VEGF level at early days after hospitalization. (c) Paired patient PBMC samples from 6 patients with severe HPS were taken during the course of disease and analyzed for VEGF levels. VEGF levels from samples collected 1–3 days compared to 4–17 days after admission were significantly higher at early stages of disease ( using two-tailed -test).