Figure 3: Plasma VEGF Levels of HPS Patients. (a) Plasma VEGF levels were analyzed from patients with severe ( ) forms of HPS as in Figure 1. Group statistical analysis was made by comparing groups relative to their time of collection (1–5 days compared to 6–10, or 11–20 days) using one-way ANOVA. VEGF levels from samples taken 1–5 days after-admission ( 12; mean  mg/mL) were significantly ( ) lower than samples taken 11–20 days ( ; mean  pg/mL) after-admission but not significant compared to samples taken 6–10 days or controls. Differences in plasma VEGF levels between severe and mild HPS patients were statistically insignificant ( ). (b) Paired VEGF levels from 4 HPS patient plasma samples are presented.