Figure 3: (a) Dengue 2 New Guinea C cryoEM reconstruction rendered at 3.5 Å, EMD 5520. The view is down the icosahedral 5-fold axis. Although this is termed a mature virus because of the smooth appearance, preM may still be associated with the virus. The surface of the structure has few distinctive features; however, it has been proposed that, upon maturation, the virus E protein undergoes major conformational changes as infection is initiated. (b) This image is a slice of the virus down the 2-fold axis. M (black arrow) and E (red arrow), transmembrane domains are seen below the outer surface. Distortion of the lipid membrane is seen where the transmembrane domains penetrate and no organized capsid structure is detected (circled). Compare to the alphavirus slice in Figure 1 where the nucleocapsid structure is clearly delineated. Reprinted with permission from Zhang et al. [23]. See EM DATA BANK (EMDB)/5520 for full resolution images.