Research Article

Combined Use of MS2 and PP7 Coat Fusions Shows that TIA-1 Dominates hnRNP A1 for K-SAM Exon Splicing Control

Figure 3

PP7 and MS2 coat protein fusions are functional and discriminate in favour of their cognate RNA hairpins. (a) hnRNP A1 coat fusions. 293 cells were cotransfected with minigenes S1 or S2 as marked and vectors coding for PP7 coat dimers (PP), MS2 coat dimers (MM), hnRNP A1 fused to PP7 coat dimers (A1-PP), or hnRNP A1 fused to MS2 coat dimers (A1-MM). RNA was harvested and subjected to RT-PCR using primers P1 and P2 (Figure 1). Inc.: K-SAM or CAT exon inclusion. Skip: K-SAM or CAT exon skipping. The percent K-SAM inclusion indicated for each lane is the average of three independent transfections S.D.