Figure 2: IL-6 supplementation does not increase the generation of CD8+ memory T cells following CD40-B cell immunization. (a) CD40-B cell vaccination with or without IL-6 co-injection generates Te cells but not Tm cells. Immunizations were performed as in Figure 1. One group of CD40-B cell vaccinated mice received recombinant IL-6 (500 ng, i.p.). OVA-specific T cells (CD8+CD45.2+) were analyzed in the same mouse by surgical removal of superficial lymph nodes at day 4 (effector) and day 45 (memory) post-immunization. The percentage of Te and Tm cells generated are indicated on each dot plot. (b) Percentage of CD8+ Te (day 4, left panel) and Tm (day 45, rigth panel) cells in one lymph node is shown. (c) Efficiency of CD8+ Tm cell generation. Left panel shows the yield of Tm cell formation calculated as the percentage of Te cells that develop into Tm cells while the right panel shows the percentage of mice that generates more than 5% of CD8+ Tm cells for the different immunization conditions. The results are from three independent experiments. * and ** .