Figure 5: Representative images of gfp-tagged Halomonas elongata strain on Salicornia root acquired through BP530/30 GFP filter (excitation at 488 nm). (a) Fluorescence image showing gfp-H. elongata cells and microcolonies. (b) Bright field image of (a) showing Salicornia root surface (open arrow) and root hairs (arrow). (c) Overlapping of images (a) and (b) showing the colonisation of Salicornia root surface (open arrow in the upper right of the panel) and root hairs (arrow on the right side of the panel) by the gfp-tagged H. elongata strain. Asterisks indicated in the bright field images (a and b) show the biofilm matrix associated with the root surface. The scale bars of the images in the figure correspond to 10 μm.