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Association between Severe Upper Limb Spasticity and Brain Lesion Location in Stroke Patients

Table 2

Brain regions associated with severe upper limb spasticity.

Region LB z max voxels

Anterior limb of internal capsule212203.64310
Posterior limb of internal capsule26−25173.827136
Retrolenticular part of internal capsule23−2543.467174
Anterior corona radiate2123−13.643149
Superior corona radiate29−6194.188226
Posterior corona radiate26−25193.827184
External capsule284133.827159
Superior longitudinal fasciculus30−5214.188133

For each region, the Montreal Neurological Institute coordinates of the centre of mass are provided along with the maximum Liebermeister (LB) z statistic in each cluster and the number ( ) of clustering voxels that survived the threshold of , false discovery rate corrected.