Research Article

Artificial Extracellular Matrices with Oversulfated Glycosaminoglycan Derivatives Promote the Differentiation of Osteoblast-Precursor Cells and Premature Osteoblasts

Figure 3

Influence of medium supplements on TNAP activity of osteoblast-precursor cells, premature and mature osteoblasts. Various human (hBMSC, MG-63, SaOS-2) (a), rat (rCaOB, rBMSC) (b), and mouse cell (line)s (MC3T3-E1, MLO-Y4) (c) were plated in BM on TCPS. At day 4 after plating cells were cultured either in BM, OM, or OM/D. At day 11 after plating, TNAP activity was determined in cell lysates with p-nitrophenylphosphate as a substrate. The released p-nitrophenolate was measured photometrically at 405 nm. TNAP activity in mU/mL was normalized to protein concentration in mg/mL determined with Rotiquant assay. Significant differences were calculated by one-way ANOVA analysis and indicated with a ( ), b ( ) and c ( ), .