Figure 5: YTZ3-15 concentrates in orthotopic breast cancer tumors in vivo. (a) Representative animals from the mice that received YTZ3-15 + siQ via intratumoral (IT) and intravenous (IV) injections. Control animals received IV injections of the dendriplexes but had no tumors. Mice receiving IT injections showed accumulation of siQ lasting at least 15 minutes post injection, whereas mice receiving IV injections showed little accumulation after 5 minutes. Control animals do not show accumulation of siQ due to the absence of tumors. (b) Ex vivo imaging of spleen, kidney, liver, and tumors (where applicable) from the three animals shown in Figure 5(a), demonstrating concentration of YTZ3-15 + siQ dendriplexes in the tumors but not in other organs. Images were obtained 240 mins after the administration (IT or IV) of YTZ3-15 + siQ. The units for the scale bars in this figure are photons/sec/cm2/steradian.