Table 5: Policy measures promoting active ageing in the CIS countries.

EU Framework for the EY2012 Approaches to promoting active ageingPolicy measures by CIS countries
Policy measures by CIS countries

Employment Tackling early retirement (i) Increasing age of mandatory retirement (AM 1996, AZ, TJ 2005)(i) No compulsory retirement (BY)
(ii) Increasing age of mandatory retirement (UA 2011)
Promoting flexible retirement(i) Employment assistance and retraining (BY, MD, RU)
(ii) Coordination of employment services and social services (BY)
(iii) Psychological support to older job seekers (RU)
(i) Favourable and flexible conditions (AM, UA)
(ii) Employment assistance (RU)
Providing incentives for extending working life(i) Support to preretirees and “young” retirees (BY)(i) Combating discrimination (AM; RU)
(ii) Competitiveness in the labour market (BY)
(iii) Incentives for extending working life (RU, UA)

ParticipationEncouraging voluntary activities(i) Help and self-help groups (BY, MD, UA)
(ii) Intergenerational volunteering (MD)
Supporting informal carers(i) Monthly allowances for family carers (BY, RU)
(ii) Training care volunteers and family members (RU, UA)
(iii) Pension coverage (BY)
(i) Training of care volunteers and family members (BY, UA)
(ii) Monthly allowances for family carers (UA)
(iii) Pension coverage (UA)
Recognizing contribution(i) Promoting positive image (AM, RU)(i) Promoting positive image (BY)
(ii) Recognizing contribution (RU)

Independent livingPromoting life-course preventive approach in health care (i) Free medical care (AZ, BY, RU)
(ii) Free service in policlinics (AM)
(iii) Discounts for medicines (AM, AZ, RU)
(iv) State programmes for promoting healthy life style (BY)
(v) Geriatrics services (RU)
(vi) Geriatrics training (BY)
(i) Decreasing mortality, increasing LEB (BY, RU)
(ii) Free medical care (AM, BY, RU, UA)
(iii) Annual medical examinations (BY)
(iv) Geriatrics training (BY, UA)
(v) Healthy life styles in media (BY) and education (UA)
(vi) The National Program for Healthy Lifestyle Promotion 2007–2015 (MD)
(vii) Preventing disability (MD)
Making transport more accessible (i) Accessible and affordable transportation (AM, AZ, MD, RU) (i) Accessible and affordable transportation (RU, UA)
Making the environment more age friendly(i) Safe living environment (AM; BY)
(ii) Barrier free environment (BY)
(i) Social dwellings/housing (AM, MD)
(ii) Barrier free environment (BY)
(iii) Housing subsidies (UA)

Source: [43, 44]. For country abbreviations, see the footnote of Table 4.