Figure 5: Illustration of the statistical analysis in CARTOOL. The same data as in Figure 2 are used and the segmentation result and the maps of the eight microstates (labeled consecutively) are again shown in the window on the top. The second window on the left shows the test of the Global Field Power (GFP). Black bars indicate time points with 𝑃 < . 0 5 . The third window on the left shows the 𝑡 -test for each electrode and each time point. The bottom window shows the test of topographic differences using the TANOVA method. Finally, the window on the right shows the different parameters from the map fitting methods, showing which segments have significant differences in subjects. Note that in this case the topographic analysis corresponds to the two time periods that were significant in the complex electrode-wise 𝑡 -tests, while the GFP test reveals an early effect that was not significant at the single electrode level.