Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience / 2018 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

A Classifier Graph Based Recurring Concept Detection and Prediction Approach

Algorithm 2

The pseudocode of RDP.
Algorithm 2: Recurrent Detection and Prediction
Input: S: data stream, max: the maximum number of nodes in G;
Output: G;
create a graph G= Null;
for each instance ins in S do
if current state is Warning then
store ins in Bn;
train Cn for later use;
end if
else if current state is Drift then
for each arrow in G whose from-node is p
choose the arrow which from-node is Vk with the maximum weight;
if compare (Bn, Vk.instances) then
Cn = Vk.C;
create a new node to store Bn and Cn;
if vexnum > max then
delete one node in G;
insert new node into G;
Cn replace the current classifier;
end if
end if
end for
clear Bn;
end if
end for
return G;