Figure 2: Histological evaluation of healthy, fibrotic, and cirrhotic livers after warm ischemia. After the induction of liver fibrosis in male SD rats using bile duct ligation (BDL) and the induction of liver cirrhosis using thioacetamide (TAA) administered via drinking water, healthy (a/b), fibrotic (c/d), and cirrhotic (e/f) livers were perfused (100x magnification). A stabilization period of 30 min was followed by 90 min of storage at 37°C and 90 min of reperfusion. For the IPostC intervention groups, 8x20 sec and 4x60 sec cycles were performed after ischemia (control and intervention groups, each with n=8). After the experiments, liver samples were fixed in 4% formalin and histologically evaluated (Table 1).