Table 4: The validation results in CA on the individual biomarker candidates of COPD in the human data and the CAs from the mouse data.

Individual protein or a panel of proteinsOptimal CA inBelong to the general functional group1
Mouse BALFMouse plasmaHuman plasma

Prothrombin, THRB0.860.500.931–10
Vitamin D-binding protein, VTDB0.690.630.862–10
Complement C3, CO30.690.670.791–10
Adiponectin, ADIPO0.660.530.641–9
THRB; VTDB0.970.570.93
THRB; CO30.860.700.93
VTDB; CO30.830.670.79
THRB; CO3; ADIPO0.860.701.00
VTDB; CO3; ADIPO0.830.700.93
THRB; VTDB; CO3; ADIPO0.930.700.93

The enriched functional clusters refer to the general functional groups listed in Table 2: 1: immune system process; 2: stress/stimulus response; 3: cellular response to stimulus; 4: metabolic process; 5: biological regulation; 6: death; 7: localization; 8: cellular organization; 9: proliferation; 10: others.