Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2014 / Article / Fig 5

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De Qi, a Threshold of the Stimulus Intensity, Elicits the Specific Response of Acupoints and Intrinsic Change of Human Brain to Acupuncture

Figure 5

Myoelectricity and deep resistance at acupoints following acupuncture before and after de qi. The Viking Quest portable EMG/evoked potential systems were used in this study for analysis of the myoelectricity and deep resistance. The deep resistance before de qi in Hegu acupoint of the healthy subjects was , which was increased to  uV after de qi (). The similar results were seen for Zusanli acupoint which was  uV before de qi and  uV after de qi (). Figure 5 is the representative image of myoelectricity at acupoints following acupuncture before and after de qi ((a1) and (a2) for Hegu; (b1) and (b2) for Zusanli). The amplitudes of myoelectricity after de qi in Hegu and Zusanli were significantly increased than those before de qi.