Table 1: Wire test score and the strength quantification. This table reveals the score attributed for each action using wire test. The total time used in this evaluation was 21 seconds. The number of times walking or holding on the wire was attributed considering 0 to 4 steps. For each animal, the points obtained from Table 1 were summed and according to the score obtained the animal was classified in poor (0–2 points), median (3–5 points), and strong (6–8 points).

Action0 step/holding until 9 s on the wire1 to 3 steps/holding 10–20 s on the wire4 or > turn/21 s

Raise the body above the wire0 point1 point2 points
Walk on the wire0 point1 point2 points
Put the pelvic member on the wire0 point1 point2 points
Time on the wire (seconds only)0 point1 point2 points