Table 3: Framing questions for teachers (and their professional associations) as agents of change.

Industry support
Do the arms of the profession potentially affected by the change see it as being desirable and generally advantageous?
Professional integrity
How does the proposed change generally align with the nature of “teachers’ work” [31]?
Workload reality
How much extra time will teachers be required to give to implementing the proposed change? What will be the overall impact on workloads?
Curriculum viability
Will the proposed change impact further on the crowding of the curriculum? Is it a replacement for something or an addition?
Pedagogical integrity
Are teaching methods expected to change as a result of the initiative? If so, have the proposed methods been tested?
Provision of Professional Development
What and how many PD events will be required to resource teachers prior to the change being implemented?
Practicability feasibility
Given the nature of the school year, is the change achievable within the timeframe proposed?
Transition arrangements
How will students be transitioned so that their learning will not be negatively affected by the change?
Parental acceptance
Are parents likely to see this change as positive and have they been provided with sufficient information to make such a judgement?