Table 1: OMIS 259 percentage of contact hours for Turner and Carriveau’s [1] recommended class activities.

Online activities (recommended 30% to 60%)Large group lecture/face-to-face (recommended 0% to 35%)Small group experiential activities (recommended 30% to 50%)

Media-Rich Interactive Online Materials (40%). Students will complete two individual online interactive training exercises (graded) on each of the specific SLO topics.  
Students will complete two individual software exercises (graded) on each of the specific SLO topics. Software used will be MyITLab from Pearson.
Lecture (30%). Answer questions concerning the business context and the business uses of SLO topics. Measured using in-class audience response system.
Students will spend 1 hour per week, on average, listening to lecture. However, each time a clicker question is asked (usually about 10 times per lecture), students are allowed to discuss the question and its possible answers with those around them for up to 30 seconds. So, extensive student-student interaction will take place even during lecture.
Small Group Experiential Learning (30%). Students will complete two group videos (graded) expanding and clarifying one specific SLO topic.  
Students will complete three group cases (graded) on aggregated SLO topics.  
There will be approximately 70 groups of 5 students each (course is capped at 350 student enrollment).