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Research Article

Challenges in the Clinical Environment: The Saudi Student Nurses’ Experience

Table 2

Clinical challenges experienced by the Saudi nursing students.

Weighted meanDescriptive meaning

(A) Insufficient competence
(1) Difficulty in planning care for patient1.76Occasionally
(2) Inadequate preparation for clinical exposure2.02Occasionally
(3) Lack of basic knowledge and skills to carryout common procedures1.63Occasionally
(4) Difficulty in interacting with clients and other health workers1.61Occasionally
(5) Ïnefficiency in teaching-learning process regarding the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills1.75Occasionally
(6) Inappropriate approach in using instructional strategies1.59Rarely
(7) Noncompliance to the standards of caring principles1.57Rarely
(8) Failure in translating theory into practice1.80Occasionally
(9) Health care services are not systematic and scientific1.53Rarely
Overall rating1.69Occasionally

(B) Ambiguous evaluation
(1) Lack of sufficient reliability of clinical evaluation1.94Occasionally
(2) Unsatisfactory clinical supervision and monitoring1.93Occasionally
(3) Evaluation is not specific and objective1.81Occasionally
(4) The criteria indicated in the evaluation tool are not applicable1.92Occasionally
(5) Too many requirements to submit2.25Occasionally
(6) Examination given is not relevant to the clinical concepts1.99Occasionally
Overall rating1.97Occasionally

(C) Unsupportive learning environmentWeighted meanDescriptive meaning
(1) Behavioral and verbal violence of the health team1.43Rarely
(2) Students and instructors do not accept criticism1.74Occasionally
(3) Unprofessional behaviors of the nurses at the bedside1.61Occasionally
(4) Lack of opportunity to experience and perform the technique and operational procedures2.14Occasionally
(5) Daily routine functions without application of the learned theories2.22Occasionally
(6) Varied training cases in the ward2.05Occasionally
(7) Lack of cooperation and distrust of clinical nurses with students2.12Occasionally
(8) Patients and significant others are uncooperative1.71Occasionally
(9) Unclear school policies and regulations1.79Occasionally
(10) Inadequate support from college/administration1.91Occasionally

Mean range: 0.00–0.79 (never), 0.80–1.59 (rarely), 1.60–2.39 (occasionally), 2.40–3.19 (frequently), and 3.20–4.00 (always).