Education Research International / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Challenges in the Clinical Environment: The Saudi Student Nurses’ Experience

Table 3

Implications of clinical challenges towards learning outcomes.

ItemsWeighted meanDescriptive meaning

(1) Poor quality of patient care1.62Occasionally
(2) Not satisfied with learning the necessary skills for nursing employment1.95Occasionally
(3) Learning opportunities for the students were lost2.03Occasionally
(4) Loses energy during clinical practice1.95Occasionally
(5) Loses confidence for nursing care1.85Occasionally
(6) Students are afraid to ask questions related to patient care1.83Occasionally
(7) Withdrawal of the student from performing the procedure1.84Occasionally
(8) Fear of performing nursing procedure2.01Occasionally
(9) Gap between theory and practice2.27Occasionally
(10). Creates a feeling of depression and worthlessness in the students2.00Occasionally
(11) Distrust of clinical nurses with students2.22Occasionally
(12) Lessens the interest of the students to remain in the profession1.99Occasionally
(13) Decreases trust of students towards faculty2.05Occasionally

Mean range: 0.00–0.79 (never), 0.80–1.59 (rarely), 1.60–2.39 (occasionally), 2.40–3.19 (frequently), and 3.20–4.00 (always).