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Research Article

Medical Students’ Experience of Mindfulness Training in the UK: Well-Being, Coping Reserve, and Professional Development

Table 1

Course content of the 8-week mindfulness training.

WeekThemeMindfulness meditation practices and cognitive exercises

1Automatic pilotMindfulness of eating
Mindfulness of body sensation

2Barriers to awarenessMapping thoughts/feelings/sensations/impulses
Mindfulness of daily activity

3Mindfulness of breath and bodyMindfulness of breathing and movement
3-minute breathing space regular practice
Exploring our reactions to the pleasant

4Staying presentSeeing and hearing meditation
Looking at reactivity and maladaptive coping strategies
Using the breath as an anchor to awareness
Exploring our reactions to the unpleasant

5Allowing and acceptingMindfulness of breathing-extended instructions
Relating differently to difficulty sea of reactions
3-minute breathing space coping response

6Thoughts are not factsIntroducing difficulty within a meditation
Sea of reactions working with automatic negative thoughts

7Self-care and action plansMindfulness of breath- and body-extended instructions
Links between activity and mood-nourishing and -depleting activities
Identifying a stress signature

8Using what has been learntReview of course using what has been learnt
Finalise action plan