Table 3: Characterisitcs of patients in treatment groups in pre- and posttreatment*.

ParametersUDCA aloneUDCA and domperidone

BMI (kg/m2) NS NS
Glucose (mg/dL) NS NS
Cholesterol (mg/dL) NS NS
HDL-Cholesterol (mg/dL) NS NS
LDL-Cholesterol (mg/dL) NS NS
Triglyceride (mg/dL) NS NS
Solitary stone65NS44NS
Multiple stone168NS147NS
FGVav (mL) NS NS
RGVav (mL) NS NS
EFav (%) NS NS

*Results are expressed as mean ± SD.
BMI: body mass index; FGVav: average fasting gallbladder volume; RGVav: average residual gallbladder volume; EFav: average ejection fraction.
NS: not significant.