International Journal of Antennas and Propagation / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Indoor Massive MIMO Channel Modelling Using Ray-Launching Simulation

Table 3

Received signal power RMS error in downlink scenario.

Location 123456789

Deterministic model 3.2301 dB3.0285 dB3.4619 dB2.7061 dB3.1657 dB5.3280 dB2.3195 dB4.7964 dB3.3340 dB
RMS error

Simplified deterministic 3.7594 dB5.4562 dB5.4561 dB5.0356 dB5.8612 dB5.7495 dB5.8634 dB5.6547 dB5.5598 dB
model RMS error

Statistical model 4.7565 dB4.9863 dB4.8322 dB4.9879 dB4.1897 dB5.7882 dB4.6671 dB4.9882 dB4.3375 dB
RMS error

Simplified statistical 5.9781 dB5.3245 dB5.4215 dB5.7145 dB5.8771 dB5.8873 dB5.3227 dB5.9551 dB5.7723 dB
model RMS error