International Journal of Antennas and Propagation / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Indoor Massive MIMO Channel Modelling Using Ray-Launching Simulation

Table 4

Received signal power RMS error in uplink scenario.

Location 12345678

Deterministic model 2.9568 dB2.2584 dB3.6514 dB3.9184 dB2.3808 dB2.3101 dB2.8085 dB2.2751 dB
RMS error

Simplified deterministic 5.8631 dB5.7761 dB4.3343 dB5.4475 dB5.2403 dB5.9712 dB5.3315 dB5.9882 dB
model RMS error

Statistical model 4.7701 dB4.2321 dB4.5642 dB5.4241 dB4.0214 dB4.0859 dB4.8794 dB4.9583 dB
RMS error

Simplified statistical 5.4578 dB5.3762 dB5.4772 dB5.6549 dB5.6873 dB5.0857 dB5.7544 dB5.7563 dB
model RMS error