Research Article

Regulatory T Cells Resist Cyclosporine-Induced Cell Death via CD44-Mediated Signaling Pathways

Figure 5

CD44-mediated Foxp3 expression is Stat5-dependent. (a) Representative histograms for GFP/Foxp3 expression of CD4+GFP/Foxp3+ Treg following culture in the presence of sc-35597, a selective pStat5 inhibitor. (b) Representative histograms for GFP/Foxp3 following 3 days of culture with aCD3/28/44 together with increasing concentrations of sc-35597. (c) Representative histograms depicting GFP/Foxp3 persistence following culture with CSA (50 ng/mL) alone or in conjunction with sc-35597. Data for (a–c) are representative of at least 3 experiments.