Table 1: Symbols.


Mg ha−1Stand stem biomass#
MgMean biomass of a single tree
* Mg ha−1Initial stand biomass of a newly planted stand
Mg ha−1Maximum stand
Mg ha−1 y−1Production of dead stem biomass #
Mg ha−1 y−1Net increment of standing stem biomass#
Mg ha−1 y−1Gross production of stem biomass
ha−1Number of trees
ha−1Maximum number of trees at a fixed
Site productivity index
0.005y−1Density-independent mortality rate
* Mg ha−1 where (position of the self-thinning. (4))
−1.75Slope of the self-thinning (4)
0.25relative size of the trees that die compared to those surviving
during self-thinning
Maximum closure allowed in a thinned stand
Gross growth rate relative to a closed stand at the same
3.5Parameter of
Mortality relative to a closed stand
4Parameter of
* Growth function parameter (1)
0.0813Growth function parameter (1)
* Mg ha−1 proportionality constant
* Growth function parameter (1)

#subscript (in , etc.) indicates a closed stand ( ). *values are species specific (Table 2).