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The Complete Chloroplast Genome of Arabidopsis thaliana Isolated in Korea (Brassicaceae): An Investigation of Intraspecific Variations of the Chloroplast Genome of Korean A. thaliana

Table 2

List of genes containing SNPs and INDELs in 180404IB4 strain in A. thaliana.

NoTypeGenomic coordinationGene nameBase changesAmino acid changes

1SNP4,370Intergenic spaceT to A-
2SNP5,705Intron of rps16C to A-
3SNP5,943Intron of rps16G to A-
4SNP8,502IntergenicT to A-
5SNP12,673Exon of atpFG to ASynonymous SNPs
6SNP14,825IntergenicT to A
7SNP16,380Exon of rpoC2G to CC to S
8SNP17,801Exon of rpoC2T to CSynonymous SNP
9SNP17,823Exon of rpoC2T to GK to T
10SNP23,915Exon of rpoBT to GSynonymous SNP
11SNP26,817Exon of rpoBG to CSynonymous SNP
12SNP26,999IntergenicT to G
13SNP27,538IntergenicC to A
14SNP28,360IntergenicT to G
15SNP31,912IntergenicA to C
16SNP35,167IntergenicG to A
17SNP36,798IntergenicT to C
18SNP45,107IntergenicG to A
19SNP47,760IntergenicT to G
20SNP49,938IntergenicT to A
21SNP50,606IntergenicT to A
22SNP50,688IntergenicT to A
23SNP56,373Exon of rbcLC to TSynonymous SNP
24SNP58,860IntergenicG to C
25SNP65,250IntergenicT to C
26SNP65,545IntergenicT to G
27SNP66,114IntergenicC to A
28SNP66,810IntergenicT to C
29SNP67,142IntergenicT to A
30SNP67,143IntergenicG to A
31SNP67,145IntergenicT to A
32SNP67,146IntergenicG to C
33SNP67,147IntergenicT to A
34SNP67,149IntergenicT to C
35SNP67,150IntergenicT to A
36SNP68,722Exon of rpl20T to CSynonymous SNP
37SNP69,347IntergenicG to A
38SNP73,507Exon of psbBT to GSynonymous SNP
39SNP75,386IntergenicG to A
40SNP77,830IntergenicG to A
41SNP80,688IntergenicT to G
42SNP91,824Exon of ycf2G to CR to T
43SNP96,023Intron of ndhBT to G
44SNP111,048Exon of ndhFT to CG to R
45SNP113,690IntergenicT to G
46SNP113,770IntergenicT to G
47SNP113,957IntergenicC to A
48SNP115,487IntergenicT to G
49SNP142,626Intron of ndhBT to G
50SNP146,825Exon of ndhFT to CG to R
51INDEL92,548Exon of ycf2T to -DN to -
52INDEL92,549Exon of ycf2G to -
53INDEL92,550Exon of ycf2A to -
54INDEL92,551Exon of ycf2T to -
55INDEL92,552Exon of ycf2A to -
56INDEL92,553Exon of ycf2A to -
57INDEL108,115IntergenicA to -
58INDEL130,525IntergenicT to -
59INDEL146,092Exon of ycf2A to -DN to -
60INDEL146,093Exon of ycf2T to -
61INDEL146,094Exon of ycf2C to -
62INDEL146,095Exon of ycf2A to -
63INDEL146,096Exon of ycf2T to -
64INDEL146,097Exon of ycf2T to -

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