Research Article

Isolation, Characterization, and Screening of Antimicrobial-Producing Actinomycetes from Soil Samples

Table 4

Zone of inhibition of active isolates in secondary screening.

SampleIdentified asTest organisms
S. aureusE. coliK. pneumoniaeP. aeruginosa

A7Streptomyces spp.13000
C1Streptomyces spp.1515150
C2Streptomyces spp.1012140
C7Micromonospora spp.1725180
C8Streptomyces spp.2018160
E4Nocardia spp.2016110
E7Streptomyces spp.15000
E14Streptomyces spp.8000
H15Nocardia spp.10000
H16Streptomyces spp.10000
J6Streptomyces spp.191700
J10Nocardia spp.14000
J12Streptomyces spp.141200