The article titled “PCIU: Hardware Implementations of an Efficient Packet Classification Algorithm with an Incremental Update Capability” [1] was found to contain material from the following published articles.(1)Y. Chen and O. Oguntoyinbo, “Power efficient packet classification using cascaded bloom filter and off-the-shelf ternary CAM for WDM networks,” Computer Communications, Volume 32, Issue 2, 12 February 2009, Pages 349–356, ISSN 0140-3664,, which is cited as reference .(2)K. Xu, J. Wu, Z. Yu, et al. “A non-collision hash trie-tree based fast IP classification algorithm” Journal of Computer Science and Technology. (2002) 17: 219. doi: 10.1007/BF02962215, which is not cited.

The paper by Chen and Oguntoyinbo was cited by the authors. The authors forgot to cite Xu et al. in their paper [1]. The authors would like to acknowledge the minor text reuse from both Chen and Oguntoyinbo and Xu et al.