Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Association between Virulence Factors and Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Compared to Nonproducing Isolates

Table 3

Clinical data, RAPD, and positive virulence characteristics of non-ESBL producing K. pneumoniae isolates.

Isolate codeClinical sourceHospVirulence characteristicsRAPD profileRAPD p

N1UrineUNCHyper mucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||||P20
N4SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P28
N9UrineMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||||P50
N13UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P26
N15UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||||P27
N17UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH, iss||P8
N18UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P28
N19SputumCHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||P29
N21UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, α-hemolysis, hyper mucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P30
N23UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, hyper mucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iss, iucA|||||P31
N25SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||P25
N26UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, α-hemolysis, lipase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iss|||||P32
N29WoundMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||||P33
N30WoundMUHBiofilm, BssS, fimH||||P34
N32WoundMUHBiofilm, haem, gelatinase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P32
N33UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iss||||||P35
N35UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, BssS, fimH, iss|||||P32
N36UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||P36
N37UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||P37
N38UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P28
N40UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, lipase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iucA, iss|||||P38
N42UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||||P39
N46UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P32
N49UrineUNCHypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P32
N50UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P40
N51UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH|||P41
N52UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, gelatinase, BssS, fimH|||P42
N53UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, BssS, fimH, iss|||||P32
N55UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH|||||P40
N61UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||P25
N62UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||P43
N67WoundMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||P44
N68UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P28
N69UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P45
N70UrineUNCBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH|||P46
N71SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH|||||P31
N73UrineMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||P39
N74SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||P25
N76UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iss|||||P47
N80WoundMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH||||P48
N81BurnMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH|||||P49
N82UrineMUHBiofilm, haem, BssS, fimH|||||P40
N88UrineMUHBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, BssS, fimH, iss|||||P28
N91UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, BssS, fimH||||||P51
N92UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, lipase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||||P39
N100UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, lipase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iss||||P21
N104BurnMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||||||P22
N105UrineUNCBiofilm, serum resistant, haem, lipase, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||||||P23
N106SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH, iucA, iss|||||P24
N109SputumMUHBiofilm, haem, hypermucoviscosity, BssS, fimH||P25

Random amplified polymorphic DNA, pattern, hospital, Urology and Nephrology Center, Mansoura University Hospital, Chest Hospital, and haemagglutination.