Table 1: Demographic characteristics of older Adults and organizational characteristics of senior-serving employees in Washington State, 2004.

Senior clients’ demographic characteristics, %

Income level
Marital status
Living status
 Live in home/apartment98
 Live in assisted living facility2
Reports of balance, falls and other mobility problems
 At least 1 fall in last 12 months48
 Limiting activity due to fear of falls73
 Balance and/or mobility problems65

Organizational characteristics of key informants working in senior-serving agencies, %

Types of organization: community/aging services
 Senior service (professional/experts)18
 Adult day health12
 Senior center12
 Area Agency on Aging8
 Residential living facility8
 Meals on Wheels4
Types of organizations: health care system
 Emergency Medical Services12
 Public health department8
 Hospital-based older adult program6
 Home health agency4
 Community clinic1
 ED/Trauma service1
 Fall prevention program1

27% of older adults use canes/walkers (see Table 3(b)).