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Study on the Diversity and Use of Wild Edible Plants in Bullen District Northwest Ethiopia

Table 1

List of the reported wild edible plants in study area based on family name, scientific name, local name, habit, part used, and mode of consumption and preparation. Growth habit: T = tree, H = herb, S = shrub, and C = climber local name: GU = Gumuzegna, SH = Shinashegna; habitat: WL = wood land, FL = farm land, HG = home garden, DR = dry river bed, RV = riverine forest, RS = road side, FM = forest margin, FE = fences, RC = rocky or dry forest TB = Tariku Berihun, and Co. No = collection number.

FamilyScientific namesLocal nameHabitPart usedPreparation and mode of consumptionHabitatCo. No

AcanthaceaeAcanthus sennii ChioveKoshosha (SH)HFlower nectarJuice of flower nectars is sipped by lipWL, FLTB 069
Justica ladanoides Lam.Kakim (GU)HLeavesFlesh leaves are boiled and eatenRV ELTB 046
Justicia schimperiana Hochst. ex NeesDumuga (SH)SFlower nectarJuice of nectars is sipped by lipFETB 014
AmaranthaceaeAmaranthus caudata L.Darka (GU)HLeaves & young shootYoung leaves and shoots of plants are eaten after being cooked with Phaseolus vulgaris L.HG, RSTB 034
Amaranthus cruentus ThellLama (SH)HLeaves & seedLeaves are eaten cooked and the seed is grinded and eaten when it is changed to porridgeHG, WLTB 063
Amaranthus hybridus L.Dahka (GU)HLeavesLeaves are eaten boiledHG, RSTB 031
AnacardiaceaeRhus retinorrhoea Oliv.Kefijanga (SH)TFruitFruit is eaten rawWLTB 009
Rhus vulgaris MeikleBakitela (SH)SFruitFruit is eaten rawRV, WLTB 015
Rhus ruspolii Engle.Qamo (SH)TFruitFruit is soaked with straw until it is ripe and eaten rawWLTB 002
AnnonaceaeAnnona cherimola MillGishita (SH)TFruitFruit is eaten rawWL, FETB 060
Annona senegalensis Pers.Bambuta (SH)TFruitFruit is eaten rawWLTB 043
ApocynaceaeCarissa spinarum (Forssk) Vahil.Soha (GU)SFruitFruit is eaten raw and as juiceWL, RVTB 068
Saba comorensis (Boji.) PichenFuya (SH)CFruitFruit is eaten rawRVTB 050
ApiaceaeAnethum graveolens (Mill)Lubicha (GU)HLeavesLeaves are eaten raw or after being cooked with Cucurbita pepoRS, RVTB 045
Foeniculum vulgare (Mill)Qushuwa (SH)HLeavesLeaves are squeezed with Allium sativum L. and used as condimentHGTB 037
AsteraceaeVernonia amygdalina DelBanjaga (GU)HLeavesLeaves are eaten either raw or cookedWL DRTB 070
Bidens pilosa L.Tsetsega (SH)HLeavesLeaves are eaten after being boiledRSTB 057
AraceaeColocosa esculanta (Hochst)Kompha (SH)HTubersThe tuber is cut off, dried for one day, and eaten after being properly boiledRV, HGTB 004
ArecaceaeBorassus aethiopum Mart.Goha (SH)TFruit &young seedlingGerminating parts are eaten after being boiled and the fruit is eaten raw after soaking with straw for a monthWLTB 038
Phoenix reclinata JacqWola (SH)SFruit and stemExternal surface of the young stem is removed by sharp materials and boiled for two days until toxic substances are removed and then after staying for 30 minutes before eating. Fruit is eaten raw or after soaking with straw until it is ripenedFM, WLTB 003
BalanitaceaeBalanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del.Qota (SH)TFruitFleshy exocarp of the fruit is removed first and then the stony mesocarp is broken and the endocarp fruit is roasted and is eaten after getting immersed with alcohol for sexual excitement and to neutralize the alcoholic effectsWLTB 071
BoraginaceaeCordia africana Lam.Banja (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FMTB 051
CelastraceaeMaytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Excell.Tisha (GU)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 012
Salacia congolensis (Wild.)Tsera (SH)SStem barkThe internal part of stem bark is removed carefully ground and the extracted juice is used as sauceWLTB 036
CommelinaceaeCommelina africana L.Echaya (GU)TleavesLeaves are eaten after cookingWLTB 047
CucurbitaceaeCucurbita pepo L.Maximara (SH)CLeavesYoung leaves are eaten after cookingHGTB 053
Gladiolus candies (Rendle)Engula (SH)CYoung shootYoung shoots are eaten after cookingRVTB 001
Momordica foetida Schumach.Badha (SH)CLeaves and fruitYoung leaves are eaten after cooking and the fruit endocarp is eaten rawRVTB 028
DioscoreaceaeDioscorea cayenensis Lam.Egera (GU)CTubers/rootThe poisonous parts of tubers are removed and the remaining parts are eaten after cookingWL, RVTB 010
Dioscorea prehensilis BenthAnga (GU)CRoot/tubersBoiled tuber is eatenWLTB 040
EbenaceaeDiospyros mespiliformis HoechstMaranta (SH)TFruitFruit is eaten rawRV, FLTB 072
ErythroxylaceaeErythroxylon fischeri EngleTiriga (GU)HLeavesThe leaves are eaten rawHGTB 030
EuphorbiaceaeBridelia micrantha HoechstYejega (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 062
Croton macrostachyus Del.Shekeshek (SH)TLeavesYoung cooked shoots eatenWLTB 076
Bridelia scleroneura Muell.Arg.Ajega (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 044
Sepium ellipticum L.Andirgago (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRCTB 065
Clutia lanceolata HoechstDoguha (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 067
FabaceaeSenna obtusifolia (L.) Irwan & BarnebyBamdisa (GU)HSeedEndocarp is eaten rawHG, RSTB 011
Piliostigma thonningii (Schum.) Milne-RedhMac’a (SH)TFruitFruit is eaten rawWLTB 033
Tamarindus indica L.Dogha (SH)TFruitFleshy exocarp is eaten rawWLTB 008
FlacourtiaceaeOncoba spinosa Forssk.Ula (SH)SFruitFleshy endocarp is eaten rawWLTB 059
LoganiaceaeStrychnos innocua Del.Oola (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, DRTB 035
Strychnos spinosa L.Merenza (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 047
MalvaceaeAbelmoschus esculentus (L.)Andeha (GU)HFruitThe fruit is eaten rawHGTB 024
Abelmoschus ficulneus (L.) MonchAndha yiza (SH)HFruitThe fruit is eaten rawHg, FMTB 058
Hibiscus cannabinus L.Tisha (GU)HLeavesLeaves are burned until they form ash and are used as saltHG, FLTB 032
MoraceaeFicus vasta ForsskBowa (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRV, FTB 021
Ficus sur ForsskEssa (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRVTB 013
Ficus sycomorus L.Fuqa (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 067
Moras alba L.Injor (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawFETB 019
MoringaceaeMoringa stenopetala LamSheferwu (SH)SY, LCooked young leaves, eaten with Phaseolus vulgaris L. and riceHGTB 016
MusaceaeEnsete Ventricosum (Wild)Echecha (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRV, HGTB 066
Eugenia uniflora L.Badirbonga (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 064
MyrtaceaeSyzygium guineense (Wild.) Dc. sp. guineenseDaguwa (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten raw or drunk in juice formRVTB 061
Syzygium guineense (Wild.) Dc. ssp. macrocarpumDiwa (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 018
PoaceaeOxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) MunroSoha (GU)HYseThe young seedling boiled and eaten with breadWL, HGTB 007
PolygonaceaeRumex abyssinicus JacqAmbata (SH)HRootRoot grinded by mortar and the squeezed part used as food decoctionHGTB 073
OlacaceaeXimenia americana L.Meyo (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 017
PortulacaceaePortulaca quadrifida L.Kiwa (SH)HLeavesThe shoot part is ground together with Allium sativum, Foeniculum vulgare, and Ruta chalepensis toform sauce and eaten with porridge and injeria (local bread)HG, FLTB 006
SapotaceaeMimusops kummel A.DC.Shemiya (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eaten as rawWL, FLTB 040
SolanaceaeLycopersicon esculentum MillKomidira (SH)HFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRTB 048
Physalis peruviana L.Bosiya (SH)HFruitThe fruit is eaten rawRs, DATB 023
Solanum nigrum L.Func’a (SH)HFruit and leavesThe fruit is eaten raw and the leaves are eaten raw together with green pepperHG, RSTB 054
RhamnaceaeZiziphus abyssinica HoechstAnguga (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 055
Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) WildSirah (Gu)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 049
SapindaceaeLepisanthes senegalensis PersBekuda (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWlTB 052
RubiaceaeGardenia ternifolia Schummach &Thonn.Gaaba (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 016
Pavetta crassipes (K.Schum)Munqa (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWL, FLTB 020
Vangueria apiculata L.Hawa (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawFMTB 056
TiliaceaeGrewia bicolor JussSomoya (SH)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawFE.FLTB 074
Grewia ferruginea Hochst. ex A.RichGalqoriya (Sh)SFruitThe fruit is eaten rawWLTB 039
Grewia mollis JussQoriya (GU)SStem barkThe inner parts of stem bark are safely removed and soaked with hot water and grinded and collecting juice used as sauceWL, FLTB 025
Grewia schweinfurthii Burret.Badiriya (GU)SLeavesThe fruit eaten rawRV.FLTB 077
Corchorus olitorius L.Laliaq (SH)HLeavesYoung leaves eaten raw or after being cookedFL, DRTB 027
VerbenaceaeVitex doniana SweetKokor (SH)TFruitThe fruit is eatenWLTB 005
UlmaceaeCeltis africana Brum.f.Qawo (GU)TFruitThe fruit is eaten rawDRTB 07
ZingiberaceaeEtlingera littoralis L.Zingibila (GU)HTuberThe fruit is eaten rawRVTB 026

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