Journal of Food Processing / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Application of Hydrothermally Modified Sweet Potato Starch as a Substitute Additive for Soup Mixture

Table 2

Average ranks of sensory attributes charts of sensory analysis for the developed formulas of soup mixtures.

Treatment AppearanceColour Texture (thickness)Taste (mouth feel)AromaOverall acceptability

227 (Swp3)50.854.559.756.454.848.4
257 (Swp4)69.756.568.474.465.580.9
217 (Swp5)79.263.572.264.771.169.2
242 (control)42.367.441.846.653.753.7

number of untrained male and female panelists between the ages of 20–30 yrs.