Figure 2: The expression levels of Hlx, T-bet, Runx3, and IFN-γ mRNA in PBMC from gastric carcinoma sufferers and control. The values were presented as relative expression ratio (copies ratio) which means expression for the target transcript versus reference transcript (β-actin, a house keeping gene). The copies ratio showed that the Hlx, T-bet, Runx3, and IFN-γ expression were decreased in patients with gastric cancer, compared with healthy control (a). The expression levels of the three kinds of transcription factors (Hlx, T-bet, and Runx3) in the different groups of patients (b). 1: papillary adenocarcinoma ( ); 2: tubular adenocarcinoma ( ); 3: poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma ( ); 4: mucinous adenocarcinoma ( ); 5: signer-ring cell carcinoma ( ); 6: anaplastic carcinoma ( ). * compared with other groups; # compared with papillary adenocarcinoma and tubular adenocarcinoma groups.