Table 1: Morphometric measurements (in mm and F% of TL) and meristic counts of S. pachygaster caught in the Strait of Messina.

Morphometric measurementsmm% of TL

Total length (TL)280100,0
Standard length24587,5
Head length6523,2
Head width4516,1
Head height5419,3
Eye horizontal diameter196,8
Eye vertical diameter186,4
Interorbital space2810,0
Snout length3512,5
Postorbital length3010,7
Width of pedunculum3211,4
Width of gill opening248,6
Predorsal length207,1
Preanal length217,5
Dorsal fin length238,2
Dorsal fin base length103,6
Anal fin length248,6
Anal fin base length103,6
Pectoral fin length2910,4
Caudal fin length3612,9
Body thickness7025,0
Body height6723,9
Nostril greatest diameter62,1
Nostril lesser diameter 41,4
Internal space2810,0


Meristic counts

Dortsal fin rays8
Anal fin rays8
Pectoral fin rays14
Caudal fin rays10