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Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Multifunctional Magnetic Nanostructures 2018

Call for Papers

Magnetic nanostructures have emerged as novel class of materials being used in variety of applications such as ultra-high-density magnetic recording media, drug delivery, magnetic resonance imaging, sensing, hyperthermia, and catalysts. These magnetic nanostructures can be synthesized in various forms from nanoparticles, nanoclusters, nanorods, nanowires, and nanotubes to the thin films and multilayers, depending upon growth conditions. During the last several years, interest in the study of magnetic nanostructures has been increasing at an accelerating rate, stimulated by recent advances in multifunctional nanostructure design, synthesis, and characterization techniques, and the realization that these nanostructures exhibit several physical and chemical properties that are unique and interesting. Compared with bulk structures, nanoscale magnetic structures are complex and manifest a great diversity in their properties because the energies associated with the various physical parameters are comparable in the nanostructures. Interlay and control over these properties enable us to understand and develop concepts that would potentially lead to new applications.

This special issue focuses on multifunctional magnetic nanostructures ranging from powder to thin film based devices. We invite authors to submit their original research in the form of research articles and reviews on the topic of synthesis, properties, and applications of new designed multifunctional magnetic nanostructures.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Synthesis and design of magnetic nanostructures: nanoparticles and thin films
  • Microstructural behavior on surface modification and interface of magnetic nanostructures
  • Novel magnetic and structural characterization tools of magnetic nanostructures
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of magnetic nanostructures
  • Novel magnetic phenomena in magnetic nanostructures
  • Magnetoelectric, magnetocaloric, and magnetoplasmonic effects in nanostructures
  • Electron paramagnetic and ferromagnetic resonance
  • Biomedical applications of novel magnetic nanostructures
  • Simulations and micromagnetic modeling of magnetic nanostructures

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Submission DeadlineFriday, 14 September 2018
Publication DateFebruary 2019

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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