Research Article

Silica Sol-Gel Entrapment of the Enzyme Chloroperoxidase

Figure 1

Peroxidation of pyrogallol catalyzed by free CPO (open squares; 0.575 μg CPO in 3 mL total assay volume) and sol-gel entrapped CPO (grey circles; 0.575 μg CPO entrapped in three sol-gel beads placed in 3 mL total assay volume). The CPO sol-gel beads were prepared from TMOS with a pH 6.0 casting buffer and matured for one week with a buffer exchange on every other day. The activity assays were performed in 0.1 M citric acid-0.2 M dibasic sodium phosphate buffer, pH 4.2 with constant concentrations of either 2.7 mM H2O2 (a) or 35 mM pyrogallol (b). All data were measured in triplicate and are displayed as mean values ± one standard deviation. The parameters of the curve fits are summarized in Table 1.