Journal of Osteoporosis / 2011 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

The Oslo Health Study: A Dietary Index Estimating Frequent Intake of Soft Drinks and Rare Intake of Fruit and Vegetables Is Negatively Associated with Bone Mineral Density

Table 4

Association between various indexes assumed to partially reflect the acid load and distal forearm bone mineral density. The index was reduced by omitting one by one of its components: linear regression.

Index typeB (SE)βTP

(1) The complete Dietary Indexa−0.023
(2) Fruit juice−0.017
(3) Also raw vegetables−0.010
(4) Also cooked vegetables−0.004
(5) Also fruit/berries−0.003
(6) Also non-cola soft drinks−0.003

aThe Dietary Index is the sum of intake frequency estimates of 2 diet items (colas and non-cola soft drinks) divided by the sum of intake estimates of 4 items (fruit/berries, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables/salads, and fruit juice). There were 5 response alternatives for beverages and 6 for the food items (see Section 2). Covariates: those mentioned in Table 2. Unstandardized (B) and standardized (β) regression coefficients are shown.