Journal of Robotics / 2010 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

An Extensible Dialogue Script for a Robot Based on Unification of State-Transition Models

Table 1

Scripts used by each application and its development period.

Name of
Used by# of trans.Period
(developed for)

greet***31, 3 (HRP-2)
robot-ctl**131 (HRP-2)
tv-ctl**141 (HRP-2)
vtr-ctl**101 (HRP-2)
hrp-menu*32 (HRP-2)
greet-taizo*43 (TAIZO)
exercize*173 (TAIZO)
taizo-menu*174 (TAIZO)
wander*155 (RH-1)
ask-who*36 (RH-1)