Table 1: Subsystem functional description.

SubsystemFunction description

Wireless IPCAM video capture systemAccordance to the temporary path provided by the manufacturer to capture the pictures through wireless IPCAM and convert into image files

Face detection systemFace detection for each captured image files

Remote monitor and alarm transmitter systemTransmit warning message to user through MSN robot

Remote monitor website systemRemote monitoring function of watching the indoor status, self-propelled vehicle, and the newest detected face

RFID position detection systemsReading the RFID tag of self-propelled vehicle and displaying the car position by the installed RFID reader; these information is recorded in the server database

Self-propelled vehicleThe server controls self-propelled vehicles through the wireless network

Smartphone monitoring and control systemRemote controls self-propelled vehicles and monitors the images of wireless IPCAM by the Android mobile phone