Figure 3: (a) Time course of the forces generated by the focal and the postural subnetworks, respectively, (continuous lines); time-base generator (dashed line). (b) Time course of the joint rotation angles, after subtracting the mean value: (ankle) = 1.38 rad; (knee) = 1.60 rad; (hip) = 0.83 rad; (shoulder) = 5.95 rad; (elbow) = 0 rad. The angular values are absolute, relative to the horizontal line. (c) Forward shift of the hand (Functional Reach), related to the forward position of the target (50 cm with respect to the ankle) and forward shift of the CoM, related to the maximum stable position on the support base (  cm). (d) Velocity profiles of the hand and the CoM. Panel (a) also displays the time course of the Γ function (dashed line).